Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mobile Website Development

Developing your website for mobile is a challenging work. It is more complex when compared to normal web development. Without understanding the mobile browsers and trends, optimizing a website for mobile will not yield a happy ending. I’ve seen many web designers/developer are just searching for “mobile web templates” for their existing website. If they understand what mobile web development is, they will not search for mobile web templates.

Developing an existing online website for mobile is completely different strategy. The existing website should be planned for mobile environment and to be strategized. Look at the mobile versions of famous websites like Facebook, Gmail, Google and Yahoo. They were perfectly strategized their websites for mobile devices. Developing website for mobile browsers is an art which is mastered by only few companies; COMO Group is the one of them.

When you are developing a website for mobile browsers, there are lots of devices and browsers to be considered.

We will consider only few browsers, resolutions and platforms while we developing a normal website for PC. But while developing a website for mobile browsers, we should consider thousands of devices and tens of mobile browsers and OS and few Markup languages.

Few things we need to look at before start developing your mobile website.

WURFL (Wireless Universal Resource FiLe):

Almost all the devices repository is available at WURFL and they are updating it everyday/week. By the help of WURFL file it is easy to figure out all the devices and their properties and so, load your website accordingly. The data will be given in xml format. WURFL API is available in PHP too.


Uses WURFL data but through MySql.

WALL (Wireless Abstraction Library):

Universal markup language for wireless devices. It will use WURFL and optimize your markup language for requested mobile device and delivers the appropriate fail proof markup. Such a cool one.

Markup Languages for Mobile browsers:


Get you mobile website developed at COMO Group


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