Thursday, February 4, 2010

Silly UI mistakes - ICICI online banking

This is the silly mistake yet irritating.
Internet users were accustomed RHS Next button, LHS back button.
But this ICICI bank while you are transferring funds, it is quite reverse. The UI engineer / designer is seems like a TUGHLAK.

The payee account numbers were not accepts copy and paste. The users has to fill the two fields related to payee account number. After filling they are clicking "Back" button instead of "Next" button which costs to re enter the both account numbers again.

Such an idiotic mistake. There are many things like this in ICICI online banking system.

The ICICI lombard will works only for registration. You can not be able to modify your details. But the customer support people will tell you that "It is under maintenance and will be done in next couple of hours. Please buy the insurance first". Be careful.


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