Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SEOMoz rank check tool

Hi Friends

I tried the SEOMoz rank checker.

I searched for "australian fishing tours" for the domain http://www.anglingadventures.com.au/

Where this domain is in the first 10 listings for this key phrase. But the tool saying "Found on page 7, position #9". See the screenshot below

SEOMoz Term Targeting seo tool

Hi Friends

This time i tested with term targeting tool on google itself where it was given "C-" grade. Here is the report screen shots.

Please observe the highlighted with red circle parts.

Isn't this tool funny?

SEOMoz tool about crawl test

Hi Friends.. Today while i am going through the tools of seomoz.com i gone through the tool "crawl test". I found it is ridiculous. The tool report showing that the site it tested (www.anglingadventures.com.au) is not even indexed in yahoo search. I took some screenshots. Please see the images below
Screen 1

Screen 2





While all the pages the tool claimed that they were not indexed in yahoo is wrong report. Please beware of those tools. They will not have any effect on the seo professionals but they effects on the beginners. Any good seo will not use tools to get their site top. They just use tools for reporting only.
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iframes and SEO

Lets discuss about impact of ifames on SEO.

Well.. using iframe is not going to hurt your SEO as well as not going to benefit. Because the Iframe page will be indexed individually in the search engines. More clearly the user may experience the difference, he will see all the page as one, but search engines will not index a page including the iframe content. They will consider those two pages as different pages and shows in the Search Engine Result Pages. For example

Lets consider a page "yoursite.com/main.html" has iframe in the source and that iframe src = "youriste.com/sub.html". The "sub.html" alone will be shown in the SERP's but not along with "main.html" page.

Lets look at the live example

the page http://www.kodanoz.com.au/index/index/page/blog_page has iframe.

If you observe the code you can see the iframe src.

"<iframe src="http://kodanoz.com.au/blog/" height="600" width="840" scrolling="auto" ><iframe>"

check the google cached version of that page and click on "Text-only version" in the right top of the google cache you can not find the iframe content in the text only version of cached page.

let us see the SERP's. Since it is .au domain lets us consider the google.com.au and let us pick on key phrase "Polypropylene document wallets" which is from the iframe content.
search the key phrase on google.com.au you can find the http://kodanoz.com.au/blog/ in the SERP's but not
http://www.kodanoz.com.au/index/index/page/blog_page. So the user will the see different page design from your website design which we didn't expected where you think iframes causing the harm to SEO which is not true. Iframes neither harms nor benefits.

Please add your comments
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How google stores information of a webpage?

Do any one know how Google stores the information about web pages or a perticular site?

I guess it is stores the data in a different way to match the search keyword.

It stores URL, text on page, image names and alt, link text and link title, meta and title tags in a way for faster calculation of relevancy of a search word. Let us suppose it as one unit. There are many units like this (each for one web page) for one domain will be again treated as one unit. Google may maintains a languages dictionary as a separate server.

For a clear understanding assume a library having lot of books with librarian. If we ask librarian a book suppose "health" he may shows us many books and recommends us few books which are popular. Suppose if it is in case of "women health" he may shows us less number of books when compared to "health" keyword because the "women health" is bit specific. Suppose if we ask book about "men mental health" he may recommend us the book name and author also. Because the requirement is more specific. This book may be categorized under "stress control" also. Because few of the pages in the book were written for it.

Lets consider the way of storing the books in the library. He will arrange the books in a way to find it easily. He stores the books in the racks and sticks the labels to the racks. And he sticks small labels for specific areas (sub categories).

The good librarian is who stores the books in a way to access and retrieve them quickly.
All the books are websites and librarians are search engines.

Search engines are just trying to mimic a human behavior. They are developing their algorithms and injecting into the stream.