Monday, October 26, 2009

Creative Clans Slide Show parameters

Hi Friends

I found Creative Clans Slide Show is useful flash application. In fact it is free. But many people confuse how to use it. Mainly Transition parameters.

Hence it is hard to find out the transition effects list in their website directly using Google, Here i am giving the list. I hope it will helps you.

Creative Clans Slide Show Transition effects List


Defining path for Joomla
Just use the path like "images/stories/" in the text box. Do not use full path or absolute path.

For more documentation please visit
Friday, October 23, 2009

New Defnitions for your Child

A for Apple
B for Boll
C for Cat

But when you start typing alphabets in Google, Google shows search query suggestions. So what Google gives is interesting. As per Google the following sites are most popular.

A for Amazon
B for Best Buy
C for craigslist
D for dictionary
E for ebay
F for facebook
G for Gmail
H for hotmail
I for IMDB
J for jet blue
K for kohls
L for lowes
M for mapquest (not MSN?)
N for netflix
O for old navy
P for pandora
Q for quotes
R for
S for southwest airlines
T for target
U for usps
V for verizon wireless
W for walmart
X for xm radio
Y for youtube
Z for zillow
Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chennai SEO Companies

Here I would like to list some of the SEO companies in Chennai. I am giving the SEO company address with phone numbers, website and my comments. All these companies are actually originated in Chennai. Please contact me if you wanted your company get listed here. This is voluntary not commercial, so please feel free to write me to The SEO firms listed here are not based on ranking. Its just random list. Most of the sites missing SEO clients portfolio. The fact is, when you show achieved results for your client's, you can easily win an SEO client.

Scorpio Technologies -

Such a nice design with good web design portfolio list. It has SEO client testimonials but missing SEO client list with rankings.

Scorpio Technologies
B Block, 4th Floor, Lakshmi Towers,
93 Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai - 24
Phone: 044 42046949, TeleFax: 2375 0865
Sales Enquiry: +91- 93819 27540, + 91 - 97104 45243
Sales / Technical Support: +91 - 97104 45245
Email:, for link exchange :

ProdigyApex Technologies -

They have office in US too. It has good portfolio with its SEO clients list. Good track record. Great effects in showing the client portfolio. I really liked it.


Sunny - CTO,
Prodigy Apex Technologies
AP 226/9, 2nd Floor- First Block, 8th Street - off 18th Main Road,
AnnaNagar West, Chennai - 600 101
Tel: 044-4553-6793

Carvez Web Solutions  -

Nice and simple design with tiled background. Hard to notice the menu from home page. Missing SEO clients portfolio.

Carvez Web Solutions
No76, 1st floor,
Ellaiamman Koil Street, (Sastri Nagar 8th Cross Street Junction)
Vannanthurai, Adyar,
Chennai - 600020
Email :
Phone : 044 45511436

Web Mindtree -

Such a clean site and great presentation on homepage itself. Has good design portfolio. Missing SEO portfolio.

WebMindtree Solutions
#29/16, 2nd Street
Shakthi Nagar, Kodambakkam,
Chennai - 24, India.
Mail :
Mobile : +91 - 9043532262

Visuals India -

Outsourcing web design company. Had design clients portfolio, missing seo clients portfolio.

148/6 Nattu Muthu Naicken Street,
Chennai, Tamilnadu
India - 600018
Tel: 044 42113369
Mob: +91-9444689248

Advent Designs -

Cool site. Had portfolio for webdesign, 2d objects, 3d objects, Animation and Logo design. But... still missing SEO portfolio and testimonials.

Nageshwara Road,
(Opp. to. Child Trust Hospital)
Chennai - 600 034.
Ph: + 91 - 44 - 2826 2999

PKWebbs -

Design inconsistency across browsers. Need to improve design. .

No.13 | Vallakottai Murugan Street |
Off Medavakkam Main Road |
Near Bus Terminus | Keelkattalai |
Chennai 600117.
Phone : +91 99625 60450.

Concern Infotech -

This company seems to be in business from long time. A standard one. They had many clients but not segregated which were come into SEO. and missing SEO portfolio and prices.

Chennai Office:
Concern Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
1/6,Flowers Road, 4th Lane, 2nd floor,
Chennai - 600 084.
Phone : 044-2640 0136

That's it for now. Will come back with more useful stuff..
Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog traffic reputation management

If you want to keep you blog traffic up, and if you don't want to lose any traffic for your keywords..
Only one solution is..
Keep posting.. Don't stop blogging.
Specially for Google Blogger.

I stopped blogging for last one week..
And decreased the frequency of blogging.. So my traffic dropped enormously.
See the graph below

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Option to Resubmit Robots.txt

Today I added a site into Google webmaster tools and verified.
Unfortunately the robots.txt file was wrong.
And now I wanted to  resubmit it.
There is no option to resubmit the robots.txt file on the Google webmaster tools.
I tried deleting the site and adding it again.. but it is considering the old robots.txt file.
It would be good idea to add a new feature on the Google webmaster tools to resubmit the robots.txt file.
Monday, October 12, 2009

SEO Consultant Chennai

Looking for SEO consultant in Chennai? Need a consultant to optimize your website? I can help you out. Call me: 09176315310. I can help you out for any kind of website with in Chennai(Tamil Nadu). Even if you need small suggestions in SEO, I can provide you for free of cost. I can provide free SEO consultation for non-profit websites. People who needs SEO troubleshooting also can consult me. I have 7 years of experience in Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

If you need consultation out of Chennai also please give me a call, so that I can let you know my convenient time.

My service areas includes below

  • SEO Consulting
  • SEO troubleshooting
  • Online Marketing Consultation (PPC consulting)
  • Speed Optimization (How to minimize your website loading time)
  • Flash website SEO
  • AJAX website optimization
  • Joomla/ CMS sites SEO
  • E-Commerce websites SEO
  • News portals Optimization
  • SEO for Chennai Local sites 
  • Canonicalization
  • Mod Rewrite / URL optimization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site indexing problems
  • Site structure
  • HTML coding standards for SEO
Basically I am from Hyderabad, I cam to Chennai an year back, I don't know Tamil. So, the preferred communication language would be English.

So, don't worry if you are not getting good rankings or if you don't know how to start and where to start to optimize or even if you totally lost your site from Google listing. I can help you out.

Consulting Timings: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Monday to Friday), 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Saturday and Sunday)

You can also email me: chat ID).
Saturday, October 10, 2009

SEO corporate training in Chennai

If you need Corporate training for SEO in Chennai, Please contact me - 09176315310(Chennai Number) / I will share my knowledge, experiences and techniques. I strongly believe that there are no secrets for SEO, I am open to share every SEO technique I know and use. I can not provide my SEO resume right here. Please send me an email to if you wanted to look at my SEO resume. Currently I am working in Chennai as SEO expert, i've been in this field from last seven years.

About SEO corporate training session (Chennai)

The SEO training session needs three to four hours. You can have a tea break in the middle. At the end or in the middle, I am glad to answer all your questions.

Let me breakup the SEO corporate training topics

  • Types of Online marketing
  • Introduction about SEO, SEM amd SMO
  • How to win an SEO client
  • Do's and Don'ts SEO promises
  • SEO Process
  • Building SEO strategic plan
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword extraction
  • SEO Tools
  • Link Building, Link bait and techniques
  • White Hat SEO, Techniques & Practices
  • Black Hat SEO, Techniques & Practices
  • SEO Things to consider while programming / website design / website building
  • Site Structure
  • Flash websites optimization
  • News sites Optimization
  • SEO for corporate sites
  • AJAX sites optimization
  • CMS Sites Optimization
  • Joomla Optimization (If you need)
  • SEO for E-Commerce sites
  • URL Optimization
  • SEO Troubleshooting
  • Search Engines and its challenges
  • Speed Optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • Q & A
It would be good if you can provide a computer with internet connection and a projector for the SEO training session. Preferred training days: Saturday and Sunday.

There is another reason for that I wanted to choose to give SEO corporate training, it is I am promoting this site for needy Indian students. I would like to take the word into the public.

I would like to take the basic training classes for colleges and universities in Chennai too, for nominal charges. Please contact me if some one needs SEO, online marketing training for colleges and universities in Chennai.

For Corporate SEO Training in Bangalore(Bengaluru), Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune also please contact me at

Phone: 09176315310 (Chennai Number)
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Donate from Chennai to Kurnool Flood Victims

If you want to donate to Kurnool food affected people from Chennai, here is the way. Chennai Social Service(CSS) is gathering donations like clothes, bedding blankets, utensils, mugs, buckets, food packets, dry foods like biscuits and milk, medicines. They arranged a truck from Chennai to Kurnool which will starts on Saturday(10th October 2009) and reach Kurnool. Please come forward to support the flood victims. Please donate food or cloths or money or household things. It is the biggest disaster in Andhra Pradesh state history. Kurnool people lost everything, their homes, family members and more.


You may donate the following things to Kurnool flood victims.

2 Bedding, blankets, bed spreads
3 Utensils
4 mugs, buckets
5 Food packets
6 dry food like biscuits/ milk tins/ horlicks tins
7 medicines like first aid
8 Madhu is buying some utensils for the affected families interested people contact Tiru

Contact people at Chennai Social Service are Venkat 9841550476; Satish @ 9840661732 and Tiru @ 9894062532

We need your help to support the needy people in Kurnool.

If you need any further information please email me at

Lets show Humanity..

Difference between search engine optimiser and website optimiser

There is a lot of difference between search engine optimiser and website optimiser. Search Engine Optimiser deal with optimising the website only for search engines. But website optimiser optimise the website for search engines, speed and for users. Website Optimisers should take care about many other things that can not be handled by search engine optimisers.

The job duties of Search Engine Optimiser may include

  • Optimising title tags
  • Optimising meta tags
  • Optimising image alt tags
  • Optimising HTML code
  • Writing meta redirects
  • Optimising URLs
  • Writing .htaccess rules
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content writing
  • Link building

The job duties of Website Optimiser may include
All the job duties of SEO as well as the following things
  • Optimising the website for users
  • Optimising the website for Speed
  • Analyzing the bounce rates and suggesting to the client
  • Usability suggestions
  • Rich User Interface recommendations
  • Most of the website optimisers can be able to go into the code and edit without the developer help

These days I am afraid of  introduce myself as SEO in LinkedIn. I am getting many rejections when i request to join some one's professional network. The reason, may be they are thinking that SEO's are spammers. But It is not always true. An SEO is not just limited to Title, meta tags and link building. An SEO is more than that. Search Engine Optimiser or Website Optimiser is the key to a website success. Please do not consider SEO as spammer, SEO/website optimiser is a Professional, they deserve that work. Some of the SEO's/website optimisers are better programmers than professional programmers.

Sometimes professional programmers are becoming as Search Engine Optimiser/web optimiser, they like to deal with entire business instead of just program. Website Optimisation is an art to promote any business online, its not just link building and optimising title and meta tags.

I am proud to say that I am an SEO. Some other qualities i had in me: a PHP programmer, JavaScript programmer, Jquery programmer, Joomla expert, OS Commerce expert, CSS expert...

But I love SEO Job.