Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Difference between search engine optimiser and website optimiser

There is a lot of difference between search engine optimiser and website optimiser. Search Engine Optimiser deal with optimising the website only for search engines. But website optimiser optimise the website for search engines, speed and for users. Website Optimisers should take care about many other things that can not be handled by search engine optimisers.

The job duties of Search Engine Optimiser may include

  • Optimising title tags
  • Optimising meta tags
  • Optimising image alt tags
  • Optimising HTML code
  • Writing meta redirects
  • Optimising URLs
  • Writing .htaccess rules
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content writing
  • Link building

The job duties of Website Optimiser may include
All the job duties of SEO as well as the following things
  • Optimising the website for users
  • Optimising the website for Speed
  • Analyzing the bounce rates and suggesting to the client
  • Usability suggestions
  • Rich User Interface recommendations
  • Most of the website optimisers can be able to go into the code and edit without the developer help

These days I am afraid of  introduce myself as SEO in LinkedIn. I am getting many rejections when i request to join some one's professional network. The reason, may be they are thinking that SEO's are spammers. But It is not always true. An SEO is not just limited to Title, meta tags and link building. An SEO is more than that. Search Engine Optimiser or Website Optimiser is the key to a website success. Please do not consider SEO as spammer, SEO/website optimiser is a Professional, they deserve that work. Some of the SEO's/website optimisers are better programmers than professional programmers.

Sometimes professional programmers are becoming as Search Engine Optimiser/web optimiser, they like to deal with entire business instead of just program. Website Optimisation is an art to promote any business online, its not just link building and optimising title and meta tags.

I am proud to say that I am an SEO. Some other qualities i had in me: a PHP programmer, JavaScript programmer, Jquery programmer, Joomla expert, OS Commerce expert, CSS expert...

But I love SEO Job.


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