Monday, March 28, 2011

Prasad Hopital KPHP, Kukatpally

This blog is for awareness for the people who want to consider Prasad Hopital.

Also this blog post is for reviews on Prasad Hospitals, KPHP, Hyderabad.

Let me write my experience with his hospital first.

We joined our relative there for some reason. One of the person from group of idiotic Prasad hosptals referred our child to join there.

First they told the non a/c room are not available and we have to join our child a/c room which costs around 3000 Rupees per day. We left with no options and we joined our child there.

Then the real story starts. The different doctors coming and seeing and writing tests on their own. Each doctor three tests at least. Then they shifted our patient to ICU (It seems a bed vacated in ICU so they shifted our patient to fill it) with in two hours. We went to ICU with our patient. Now they came to us and told to vacated the room which we have paid. And they do not want to refund the amount nor they let us to stay in that room till 24 hours. Actually we have our luggage there and that is the only place for us to stay in as they will not allow more than one person in ICU. They told us we have to pay extra 1500 to stay in that room (we have to pay twice a day to stay in that room. Isn't it interesting?) .

What to do? The Prasad Hospital hospital staff do not even know how to speak to the patients. They spoke arrogantly  and made us to vacate that room. Still our patient is in ICU.

Totally only for tests, Prasad Hospitals charged Rs.15000/- and hospital charges Rs.10000/-. And now we are paying for ICU. Not sure finally how much it will costs.

I an resident of Kukatpally from past 10 years. They built that hospital new building just one / two years back. I  guess they want to cover the charges of new building cost and targeting their patients.

I strongly suggest people do not go to Prasad Hospital in Kukatpally (KPHB).

Please join your hands, lets us bring some awareness in the public about Prasad Hospital. Write your experiences here with Prasad Hoptial.