Thursday, April 9, 2009

Google url search command

Today while i got to work with Google URL search.
I found one interesting thing

for view the all url's indexed from we have to use the command in Google.

suppose if we want to search "contact" in url of this particular site we have to use the following command inurl:contact (all at once)

It works fine.

now i want to search for "world" in url of angling adventures site. I have to use the following commnad inurl:world

it shows no records. but there is an url containing that word. which has already been in google index.

if we search for "world_wide_tours" it is giving the result

i.e inurl:World_Wide_Tours

But it is not giving the result when i search for world or wide in URL.

Even Google considers it all as single word it has to return the result.

Any ideas? Please post
Friday, April 3, 2009

Google Insights

Hi Friends..
Yesterday I found a link to Google insights and i gone through it. wow.. It is excellent tool for online marketers.
It shows the normalized data for selected keywords with in selected time period and in selected location. .
Here are a couple of screen shots. check them out.

And remember.. it is giving numbers only for logged in user. And that data was normalized.

Using this tool it is possible to target more accurate keywords and geographic location for search engine campaigns.

There is great advantage with Google Insights for PPC campaigns. If you are doing PPC campaign.. using Google Insights you can choose most relavent location and relavent keywords depending on your search volume for that specific location. What do you say?