Thursday, April 9, 2009

Google url search command

Today while i got to work with Google URL search.
I found one interesting thing

for view the all url's indexed from we have to use the command in Google.

suppose if we want to search "contact" in url of this particular site we have to use the following command inurl:contact (all at once)

It works fine.

now i want to search for "world" in url of angling adventures site. I have to use the following commnad inurl:world

it shows no records. but there is an url containing that word. which has already been in google index.

if we search for "world_wide_tours" it is giving the result

i.e inurl:World_Wide_Tours

But it is not giving the result when i search for world or wide in URL.

Even Google considers it all as single word it has to return the result.

Any ideas? Please post


Arun Gangwar said...

Search like this you will get it. inurl:World_Wide_Tours

From twitter to here. I am in office but i still tried to get to it huh.

Arun Gangwar SEO

Search Engineer said...

Hi Arun
Thanks for your comment.
You are right but the question is how to search for a single word an URL. If you search all "World_Wide_Tours" in url then only you can find it. But when you search for world or wide or tours ! you can't find that url.

Alex said...


Try using this search command & i hope you get what you want.

Search Engineer said...

Yes Alex you are right.
But the point is.. it would be good to use hyphen instead of underscore..

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