Monday, August 31, 2009

BING SEO Technique - Bing Bug

Important Bing SEO technique

I would like to address one SEO technique for Bing.

I found it is very interesting and foolishness of Bing Search Technique.

Roll up your sleeves. Start re-optimizing for Bing if it is so important for you.

Suppose if you want to optimize a page for "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" you will not found for "Bing ignores NOINDEX".

Do you need a proof?

You can find on Google for both "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" and "Bing ignores NOINDEX" key phrases.

But on BING you can find this blog only for "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" key phrase but not for "Bing ignores NOINDEX".

So.. BING is just in learning stage. SEO's can treat this as Bing Bug (not Bug Bing).

So(SEO) be careful while you are optimizing your site for Bing too. Keep in mind all the possible combination of keywords.

I will all SEO's.. Happy Bing Optimisation..

WebPosition not updated with Bing

I am using Webposition 4 for monitoring our client's websites search engine rankings. We bought this software almost a six months back.

When ever i start the Webposition software everyday morning, it is receiving updates from its official update center.

I guess one day i will receive the Bing engine with their daily updates, everyday i am looking for Bing in the search engines list. But it is too late.

Screen shot of Webposition with no "Bing"

Today I went to Webpostion official site for finding whether there is any patch available, but no luck.

They may say that MSN and Bing search results were same. But there must be name exist with "Bing" in their search engines list in WebPostion Reporter.

Waiting for your comments..

Melbourne SEO Companies

Melbourne SEO Companies

Today I've compared the first page natural search results websites for the query of "SEO Melbourne".

See the table below.

Company PR Back Links Domain Age (approx) Alexa Rank Home Page Title
Steward Media 4 4,957 7 years
SEO - SEO Melbourne | 
Internet Video Marketing | 
Online Marketing Melbourne | 
SEO Video | Video Email | 
Video Streaming | 
Stew Art Media 
| Jim Stewart
PROW Internet Marketing410,0273 Years
SEO | Search Engine 
Optimisation | 
SEO Expert | SEO Company
Kanga Internet538,7962 Years
Professional SEO & 
Search Engine Marketing
SEO Studio52,3812 Years
SEO | SEO Melbourne | 
Search Engine Optimisation 
consultant | 
SEO company Melbourne | 
web copywriting | 
web marketing | 
online marketing | 
website promotion 
expert Victoria
Rank First32,8031 year
SEO, Search Engine 
Search Engine 
Optimization Melbourne
SEO Works39,5643 Years
SEO Melbourne | 
Search Engine Optimisation 
Melbourne | SEO Works
SEO Australia32342.5 Years
SEO Australia | 
SEO Melbourne - 
Natural SEO Services Company
Salsa Internet530,7154.5 Years218,478
For SEO Melbourne or 
Search Engine Optimisation? 
Ph - 1300 727 952
SEO Deals31,7151 Year1,024,213
Seo Company Melbourne, 
Seo, Search Engine 
Seo Expert - Seo Deals

There are many companies offering seo services in Melbourne. But I picked up these companies from Google organic results.

Anyway i need to compare them with respect to the price also.

I'll be back with more points..

Using Subdomains for Speed Optimisation

There are few small things that accelerate your website loading. The time difference may be in seconds.. but it makes huge difference in user experience perspective. Yes its true.

If you load your images and javascript and css files from your sub-domains your website loading time may be decreased by half.

Not believable?

Here is the secret...

The current HTTP protocol accepts only two simultaneous connections from a domain. So if you use your images css and js from single domain, they all will be queued up waiting for their turn. If you load your images from and js and css from then all  your html page, images and js, css files will load paralelly.

Where is the proof?

Search for any images there and see the properties of all ten images.

They loads from

So the loading time is very very less. The images loads quicker, parallel, fast .

Another Secret

You can make this magic using .htaccess. you don't really need to place your current components into original subdomain. You can write an .htaccess in the subdomain to redirect all the requests to your original domain.

So... Why can't you try it today..

Post your comments here if you have any questions. I would happy to answer.. :)

Free scheduled tweets on

There is another awesome twitter tool for scheduled tweets.

It is free of cost. It will not charge you anything from you for scheduled tweets.

Just register and schedule your tweets.

You can schedule recurring tweets too. costs nothing. But will charge from you for recurring tweets.

You can set recurring tweets hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly too..

I can hardly find the reason to set recurring tweet for yearly. You can set how many times you want to tweet.

Have a look at the scheduled tweets screen on "tweet u later" service

Happy Tweeeeeeeting..
Sunday, August 30, 2009

Similar to Firebug tool for Safari

Many of us don't know that there is a web developer toolbar for safari too.
I too recently come to know that there is a built in tool for Safari same as Firebug for Firefox.
It is much useful for developers while fixing the cross browser compatible issues.

It is available for Safari 3.1.1(may be for other versions too) & Safari  4.X.

Enable Developer toolbar (Firebug like) for Safari

Go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced and then check "show develop menu in menu bar".

Thats it. You are done. Follow the screens below if you are confused..

Finally... You can find safari firebug as shown below..

Ugly Pagerank Indicator

I don't like the Pagerank indicator in new Google toolbar. It is good in older version.

I don't want to update to newer version of the toolbar.. but it automatically updated itself.

I think most of the SEO's don't like the latest Pagerank indicator. I am going to tell my opinion to the Google team who are working on Google Toolbar.

Support me here if you want to..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chandra Shekhar Pullella

Who is Chandra Shekhar Pullella?

Chandra Shekhar Pullella is working at HCL technologies and he is too a great programmer.  He is working as project manager in HCL. Mr. Chandra Shekar Pullela developed "access control system" all from scratch which is so complicated job.

Photo: Mr&Mrs Chandra Shekar Pullela

Chandra Shekar Pullela is a friend of mine too.

Rama Pullela

Who is Rama Pullela?

Rama Pullela is a great programmer in Como Technologies.. and now a rama pullela is interested in SEO too.

We all wish her all the best..

So from now on wards lets stop calling rama as Programmer rama

We will start calling Rama Pullela as SEO Rama.

All the best Pullela Rama

Piggyback SEO


What is Piggyback SEO?

When it takes time to you to go there... take a ride on the back of the top sites.

How to do it?

Well.. I did it for my site

I used

At the initial stage of marketing of this donate books site.. I am no more top for any of the search queries.. So i created some questions on yahoo answers like... "How to donate books in bangalore?"

So... Obviously yahoo will be given high priority for that query. So who ever visits they will come to my site to donate books.

It will takes very short time to yahoo to go to top of Google search results for that related queries.

Isn't it useful? Start piggybacking....
Friday, August 28, 2009

Menu - Left side or Right side of the page?

Lets discuss about the menu.

Which side is good for SEO? left side of the page or right side of the page?

Well.. My preference is... right side

The reason is simple.

The fresh content is always top in the page. So obviously search engines likes it. That's the reason i selected this blog layout to make sure the fresh content always follows < body > tag.

And it is very convenient for blind people. When the machine reads the content of the page.. the listener don't need to listen to all of the menu items again and again for each and every page.

Correct me if i am wrong...

Awaiting for your comments..

SMO - Solution for rel="nofollow"

Are you one of the optimizers who are worrying about rel="nofollow"

Many of SEO's or SMO's expect links with dofollow. But unfortunately these days almost all the Social Media sites include rel="nofollow" in link tags to control the spammers.

Don't worry about it. I will give you a good idea to get advantage of the link even it has rel="nofollow".

In general we try to get a link back using keyword. like < a href="somesite" title="keyword"  >keyword< /a >

But when ever you want to get benefit from social media sites you have to use your domain name instead of keyword.


So you may not get a vote from the social media site.

But when ever you query in Google for "" you can find your site listed in social media sites. That means nothing but popularity. The number of times your website name appears is also a good thing not only the number of links your website got.

:) Happy SMO

Impact of Domain age and years of registration on SEO

Is the domain age a considerable factor in rankings?

Yes. No doubt about it. If the industry is very competitive... then the domain age definitely is going to be the one of the deciding factor for rankings. But domain age is going to play its role when all other factors like back links, quality and unique content and the quality of the site are good.

Then what about the number of years a domain booked

Many people were under wrong impression that.. if a domain booked for next ten years.. then the search engine rankings are going to be more. It is not a fact. Matt said it. Watch this video

But it is good idea to consider the age of the domain but not how many years it booked. If the number of years a domain booked is going to make an considerable impact on rankings.. many people are ready to book the domain for 10 years which may costs around $100.

Please leave your comments on it..

10 levels of intimacy in today's life

Its true.. I liked it

Google policy about paid listings in Yahoo Directory

Every on know that Google treating paid links seriously. Buying links is a way to interpret Google organic search results. So.. Google punishing websites which participates in link buying and selling..

What about Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo Directory charges money and places your link into its directory. Is buying links from Y Directory is is punishable? if yes.. thousands of sites has to suffer from Google rankings.

No. It is not punishable get listed in yahoo directory. The reason told by Matt is..

"All Yahoo directory listings were reviewed under specific editorial guidelines. Google respects directories which have certain good editorial guidelines. Yahoo directory is not just taking money and placing your link.. they reviews your website, its quality and your business. If your website reach their guidelines.. then only your website is going to be approve."

So... It is not punishable to buying links from certain web directories which has good editorial guidelines.

So be wise in buying listings (links).
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Bing Serch Bot Bingbot?

We all know that MSN search launched a new search engine called BING

What about the Bing Bot?

the name of the MSN search bot  is msnbot. What bout Bing search bot?

Is there a special search bot for bing?

NO. There is no special bot or different bot name for bing search engine. Bing uses the MSN search bot.

But they (Microsoft) are announcing that the bot version changed. It is helpful to see and recognize in your logs.

The Old MSN user agent

msnbot/1.1 (+

The new Bing User agent:

msnbot/2.0b (+

But there is no change in bot(msnbot) name.

I hope the information is straightforward and useful.


Restricting Search Engine Robots

Restricting Search Engine Robots 

From indexing your website.

This can be done through robots.txt file. Remember you have to upload the robots.txt file only to the root directory only. The code should looks like below

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

To disallow only Google bot

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /

To disallow only Yahoo bot

User-agent: slurp
Disallow: /

User-agent for MSN is "msnbot". I am not sure weather there is a seperate bot for Bing or not. If some one know it please update me in the comments.

If your site is not indexing in any or all of the search engines.. you have to first look into your robots.txt file

From indexing a directory

User-agent: *
Disallow: /directory-name/

Let all search engines index all of your site with out any restrictions using the following robots.txt syntax

User-agent: *

The list of user agents for major search engines

Google - Googlebot
AltaVista - AVSearch
Yahoo - Slurp
MSN - msnbot

Restrict search engines from following all the links on a web page

 Write the following code in that page meta tags

< meta content="nofollow" name="robots" />

Restrict search engines from indexing a web page

< meta content="noindex" name="robots" />

Restrict search engines from both indexing a page and following links on that page

< meta content="noindex, nofollow" name="robots" />

Note: NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW was no more respected by Bing search engine (MSNbot) and Yahoo search engine (Slurp) - for more information see my post

Restrict search engines from using Dmoz listing title

< meta content="NOODP" name="robots" />

Restrict search engines from using Yahoo listing title 

< meta content="NOYDIR" name="robots" />

Restrict search engines from using both Dmoz listing title and Yahoo listing title

  < meta content="NOYDIR, NOODP" name="robots" />

I used the above image only for catching eye.. Don't try to break your head trying to find the relation between this content and that image.. :P

Melbourne web designers list

When I Google out for Melbourne web designers.. I didn't find any specific list. All I am finding is individual companies. So I feel it is a good idea to make list of web designers in Melbourne.

I am making the top 30 list. Its not alphabetical.. I found them all on I am listing them in the same order Australian Google search engine given to me.

Evolution 7 -

Dream Consultancy -

Design Junction -

Web Genius -

Smashing Time -

Bliss Media -

Gets Started -

Interact Online -

Carter Creative -

Design Sense -

The Web Designer -

Skill Media -

Create It -

Reactive -

Lemonade -

Gee Multimedia -

Low Cost Web Design -

Melbourne Online -

Salsa Internet -

Earthlink Design -

Web Place -

Web Data Design -

Xceed -

The LAD -


Infusion Design -

Devolution -

Sites N Stores -

IWS design -

Design a Website -

Design Junction - (My favorite website)

I am going to add more to this list.. It is jut beginning..

I would like to write more about the following things in my further blogs
  • Web design Melbourne lemonade
  • Web design Melbourne netable
  • Prodigy web design Melbourne
  • Melbourne graphic designers
  • Web developers Melbourne
  • Search engine optimisation Melbourne
  • Graphic design jobs Melbourne
  • Web design Melbourne nemesis
See the wonder what is going to happen for Melbourne :)

Blog spamming using Mail2Blogger & Gmail Alerts

These days I am experimenting on blog spamming and its impact on search engines.

I am doing it in the following way

  1. Create blog with any name you like. Use keywords in the blog address

  2. Enable the "Mail2Blogger" (under posting options) under "Email & Mobile" . And check the radio button " ". Remember the email you created there. Suppose it is

  3. Now go to your Gmail account and create an alert ( with the keyword what ever you like

  4. Now go to your Gmail settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > click on "create a filter"

  5. There you can create a filter in a way the newly google alert reached into your inbox will forwards to So the newly reached one will be automatically sent your spam blogger email address then.. there it will be published immediately.

  6. Now observe the rankings and the indexing frequency by Google
The indexing frequency for the spam blogs is not fast. I think those spam blogs will be treated as low priority.

You can use the same trick for Wordpress blogs too.

As an SEO and online marketer this is very useful for me to Link Exchanging.

Good trick right!!! Why late then... start building your tool for link exchange ... :)

My Blog Rankings on Google

I didn't observed it till now.. My blog getting top positions for many keywords on Google main search (not blog search)

The reason is obvious.. Unique and fresh content.. Who don't love it? Google is not an exception.

The keywords I am winning ...

Understanding Canonicalization - 1st page

SEO Interview Questions and Answers - 2nd page

Bing Beta - 2nd page (1st page on and

Microsoft BING Beta (2nd page)

Informed State Space Search - 2nd page

yahoo ignore noindex - 1st page

bing ignore noindex - 1st page (in fact fist position)

bulk unfollow twitter - 2nd page

unfollow twitter users - 1st page

bulk unfollow twitter users - 1st page

Capitalization Rules - 5th page

ten capitalization rules - 1st page

Ezine capitalization rules - 1st page (this is coming prior than ezine, I am sorry to ezine. I will write an article about ti)

Case Sensitive Google search - 2nd page

Google url search command - 1st page ( Misspelled the Search in my title tag of the blog posting .. still it is in top 10)

seomoz tool - 1st page (2nd position after seo moz official website. Sorry to SEO Moz team.. I written something negatively about that tool. But i mean it :P )

"Indexing flash text in Google", "Video Statistics" looks like a tough competitive key phrases, so.. my blog didn't get any considerable position..

My blog posts indexing by Google very faster

It is quite surprising.. Google improved its blog indexing capacity dramatically..

I am going to test the indexing time for this blogs..

I will count it in minutes and i am going to post the time in the comments section..

But Google is not indexing all my blogs in this same way. I am spamming them for testing purpose..

I will discuss them in my further posts..

Lets start counting the minutes... The current time in my PC is 2:45

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

From past two weeks I was busy in Interviewing SEO Candidates.. many of them failed to answer to many common questions.. like keyword proximity, prominence, LSI, indexing flash content etc..

Here i am posting the SEO interview questions that might help you for facing your interviewer.. Please remember.. only theoretical knowledge is no enough to get success in interview..

SEO Interview Questions

  1. Specify on-page elements in descending priority.

  2. What is Keyword proximity?

  3. What is keyword prominence?

  4. What is Link Bait?

  5. What is the Google’s new technology name in search industry, which it is going to launch shortly?

  6. Can Google be able to read and index the text inside swf file? flv file?

  7. What is real time search? Which is the best site for real time search?

  8. A.< style =" ”display:none;”">will this text be indexed by Google?< / div >

    B.< style=" ”class_hide”">will this text with the below style in css.. be indexed by Google?< / div >
    . class_hide{display:none}

  9. Do you support buying links? If you not supports buying links how do you support buying link (listing) from Yahoo directory?

  10. If a website ownership changes, will it affects the rankings in Google?

  11. How to restrict search engines from indexing or searching a site?

  1. How to exclude a specific web page from search (how to restrict search engines from searching particular page)?

  1. How to exclude search engines to not follow all the links in a web page?

  2. What is yahoo search bot name? How to exclude only yahoo search engine from indexing a web site? Please write syntax.

  3. Rate yourself on the scale of 0 to 10 for the followings

    A) HTML B)JavaScript C)CSS D)PHP

  1. Please list the black-hat techniques you are aware of.

  1. What is cloaking technique?

  2. What is LSI?

  1. What is the Microsoft’s new search engine called?

  1. What is meant by Bounce Rate? How it will be calculated?

  1. What is goal tracking?

  1. What is funnel tracking?

  2. Did you done any PPC campaigns?

  3. Do you have knowledge about affiliate marketing? Did you ever done it?

  1. How do you optimize Dynamic URL’s? Using which technique?

  1. Did you Optimized CMS sites? If yes Please list them and state your role.

  1. Did you Optimized E-Commerce sites? If yes Please list them and state your role.

  1. Did you ever use mod rewrite? Can you write conditions and expressions using .htaccess?

  1. Are you good at link building?

  1. Do you prefer underscore or hyphen as separator in URLs? Why?

If you don't know answers to any of them... post comment here with your email address... I will get back to you.
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes Bing Beta and Yahoo are Better

Well.. today morning I tried to find a butcher( in Australia.

On I found many websites relevant to Butchers.

But.. found few of them were not at all useful to me. is the one i found prior to many useful results. This company business not deals about butcher or any meat related things. The Butcher boy ( is showing at the 13th position which is most relevant than butcherbrownarchitects for the "Butcher" keyword. The only reason is... PageRank.
Another irrelevant result is, it is happening in Google search results for the sake of its PR. I agree that the persons also should appear in the SERP's but only after relevant results.

If some one searching for a butcher ... what will be the most common query? Obviously "Butcher"
If some one searching for the architect butcher.. what might be the query? "butcher the architect" or "architect butcher" or some other queries which includes architect.

The Bing is showing this(architect) result as the first one in its first page, rest of them were all useful...

Yahoo search results are most relevant...

I have to re think to choose my default search engine for my FireFox browser..

Informed State Space Search

I found something interesting to discuss with you ...

See this video from NPTEL. This is fro IIT khargpur, India. They provide series of great video lectures. I regularly follow them what ever i feel interesting.
Monday, August 24, 2009

Avoiding the (6) Common Grammatical Errors That Make Authors Look Du...Unprofessional

in these days of txting, iming and all low caps, its easy to take shortcuts to writing

However, even though we now use our keyboards as we once did our phones, what most people do not understand is how unprofessional the improper use of the English can make an article, and its author, look. Read the sentence above again. Does it look professionally written to you?

Now, I'm not saying you need to go back to 9th grade English class and try and figure out where your participles are dangling, but making sure you have a command of the basics is essential.

Here are (6) common errors that are guaranteed to make you look unprofessional:

  1. Lose and Loose
  2. - These are not the same word! "You can lose your car keys if you put them in your very loose pants." They are not interchangable!
  3. Affect and Effect
  4. - If something affects you, it has an effect on you. For example: I am affected by the wind. The effect is that my hair gets messy.
  5. Semi-colons
  6. - Semi-colons are not commas. They're also not colons. A semi-colon is used between closely related independent clauses not conjoined with a coordinating conjunction.

    Which means something like this:
    "I went to see a movie; I was told it was sold out."

    Or between items in a series or a list that has its own punctuation:
    "I have three friends: Maddie, who is my aunt's daughter; Jane, who is my sister's teammate; and Nancy, who is my father's sister.
  7. It's for Its - and vice versa
  8. - "It's" is short for "it is." "Its" is the possessive form of "It." have then:
    Yes: "It's a good day for going to the beach."
    No: "Its a good day for going to the beach."

    And: Yes: "This is a really cool gadget. Just look at all of its features."
    No: "This is a really cool gadget. Just look at all of it's features."

    A good way to remember is to say to yourself while typing, am I trying to say "It is" or not?
  9. Their, There and They're
  10. - They're over there, in their yard. OK.

    Simply put:
    They're means "they are." If "they are" doing something, then this is the proper one to use.
    If something belongs to them (as a collective group) then you use "their."
    If you're (not "your") going somewhere - you are going "there!"

  11. Then and Than
  12. - Then is what happens next. Than compares items to each other.

    "It is sunnier today than it was yesterday"
    "This box is heavier than the last one."
    "If you are still having trouble after reading the directions, then you had better call John."
    "I'm going to the store next and then I'm going to the bank."

If you are having trouble with these types of errors, practice getting them right by consciously using them (correctly of course) in your next articles! What other grammatical errors do you think are made too often? Let us know what they are - and the solution by leaving a blog comment:

Source: Ezine Articles

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Understanding Canonicalization

What is it about?

It is about how to tell search engines about duplicate content with in your site, where you can not eliminate that duplication of content.

Content Duplication with in my site? How?

Yes. Check your site in the following ways

Search engines (specially Google) will treats each URL as different and treats that content is duplicated.

Where is the content that i can not eliminate duplication?

In shopping cart websites..

cases you can not eliminate duplicate content

  • Sort by price
  • Sort by color
  • Sort by size
every time you sorts which will leads you to a new URL but some content.

What should i Do now?

Very simple ...

add the following tag to the duplicated content pages.

< link rel="canonical" href="" >

It should be somewhere between < head > < /head > tags.
Thursday, August 20, 2009

Indexing flash text in Google


These days Google started indexing the content with in the flash files too.

But it is very poor in getting the actual format of the content.

Try this command in Google: site: inurl:".swf" melbourne martial arts

or click on

you can see the indexed flash content.

I am pretty sure it indexed all the content including first word to last word in all paragraphs.

But Google need to improve far more on representing actual format. In fact the Adobe also need to come ahead with a protocol for all search engines to index the flash content and its format as it is.

Video Statistics

It may sounds quite normal or quite interesting.

But till now.. video statistics is all about how many views a video got and from which geographic location.

But it is far behind the web statistics.

I am pretty sure the future video statistics is going to be...

  • At what instant(time) of time the viewer exists

  • Did visitor liked it?: this means when visitor plays with the video more than its actual time span( forward and backward).

  • The most re-winded or viewed time spans(so that the celebrities and directors can think of their work)

I think the Adobe/Google is already on its way to make the video playable using GET variables.
It looks like ( So that the video starts at 50 seconds time and stops playing at 90 seconds.

So that you can make(or forward to your friend) a video playable between a particular time spans.

The coming year is going to be get extremely lot more video users to sum of all past year users.
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to go to Hell?


I tried it in search engines..

The funniest answers...

Google's(Caffeine too) first result asks "Do You Really Want To Go To Hell?"

See the screen shot below

Yahoo is suggesting us to try going to hell and coming back also.. wow.. that's amazing..

Bing's answers are not much interesting..

So Funny :)
Monday, August 17, 2009

Who says what about "Caffeine"

  • Google Unveils "Caffeine" Search Upgrade -
  • Google has lifted the lid on its updated search engine, which developers have nicknamed "Caffeine". -
  • Google reveals ‘caffeine’, a faster search engine -\08\16\story_16-8-2009_pg9_6