Thursday, August 27, 2009

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

From past two weeks I was busy in Interviewing SEO Candidates.. many of them failed to answer to many common questions.. like keyword proximity, prominence, LSI, indexing flash content etc..

Here i am posting the SEO interview questions that might help you for facing your interviewer.. Please remember.. only theoretical knowledge is no enough to get success in interview..

SEO Interview Questions

  1. Specify on-page elements in descending priority.

  2. What is Keyword proximity?

  3. What is keyword prominence?

  4. What is Link Bait?

  5. What is the Google’s new technology name in search industry, which it is going to launch shortly?

  6. Can Google be able to read and index the text inside swf file? flv file?

  7. What is real time search? Which is the best site for real time search?

  8. A.< style =" ”display:none;”">will this text be indexed by Google?< / div >

    B.< style=" ”class_hide”">will this text with the below style in css.. be indexed by Google?< / div >
    . class_hide{display:none}

  9. Do you support buying links? If you not supports buying links how do you support buying link (listing) from Yahoo directory?

  10. If a website ownership changes, will it affects the rankings in Google?

  11. How to restrict search engines from indexing or searching a site?

  1. How to exclude a specific web page from search (how to restrict search engines from searching particular page)?

  1. How to exclude search engines to not follow all the links in a web page?

  2. What is yahoo search bot name? How to exclude only yahoo search engine from indexing a web site? Please write syntax.

  3. Rate yourself on the scale of 0 to 10 for the followings

    A) HTML B)JavaScript C)CSS D)PHP

  1. Please list the black-hat techniques you are aware of.

  1. What is cloaking technique?

  2. What is LSI?

  1. What is the Microsoft’s new search engine called?

  1. What is meant by Bounce Rate? How it will be calculated?

  1. What is goal tracking?

  1. What is funnel tracking?

  2. Did you done any PPC campaigns?

  3. Do you have knowledge about affiliate marketing? Did you ever done it?

  1. How do you optimize Dynamic URL’s? Using which technique?

  1. Did you Optimized CMS sites? If yes Please list them and state your role.

  1. Did you Optimized E-Commerce sites? If yes Please list them and state your role.

  1. Did you ever use mod rewrite? Can you write conditions and expressions using .htaccess?

  1. Are you good at link building?

  1. Do you prefer underscore or hyphen as separator in URLs? Why?

If you don't know answers to any of them... post comment here with your email address... I will get back to you.


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Its good yeah its nice knowledge thanks for sharing it nice ques and answers.

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The latest question

what is canonicalization? what is the tag to use it?

Thanks for your comments

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Very Nice Questions.It is very good if you provide the answers also.

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Might be many more questions..

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