Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video Statistics

It may sounds quite normal or quite interesting.

But till now.. video statistics is all about how many views a video got and from which geographic location.

But it is far behind the web statistics.

I am pretty sure the future video statistics is going to be...

  • At what instant(time) of time the viewer exists

  • Did visitor liked it?: this means when visitor plays with the video more than its actual time span( forward and backward).

  • The most re-winded or viewed time spans(so that the celebrities and directors can think of their work)

I think the Adobe/Google is already on its way to make the video playable using GET variables.
It looks like ( So that the video starts at 50 seconds time and stops playing at 90 seconds.

So that you can make(or forward to your friend) a video playable between a particular time spans.

The coming year is going to be get extremely lot more video users to sum of all past year users.

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Search Engineer said...

There is already option to start a video on time basis..

for example

Observe #t=50 this means star playing the video from 50 seconds...

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