Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog spamming using Mail2Blogger & Gmail Alerts

These days I am experimenting on blog spamming and its impact on search engines.

I am doing it in the following way

  1. Create blog with any name you like. Use keywords in the blog address

  2. Enable the "Mail2Blogger" (under posting options) under "Email & Mobile" . And check the radio button " ". Remember the email you created there. Suppose it is

  3. Now go to your Gmail account and create an alert ( with the keyword what ever you like

  4. Now go to your Gmail settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > click on "create a filter"

  5. There you can create a filter in a way the newly google alert reached into your inbox will forwards to So the newly reached one will be automatically sent your spam blogger email address then.. there it will be published immediately.

  6. Now observe the rankings and the indexing frequency by Google
The indexing frequency for the spam blogs is not fast. I think those spam blogs will be treated as low priority.

You can use the same trick for Wordpress blogs too.

As an SEO and online marketer this is very useful for me to Link Exchanging.

Good trick right!!! Why late then... start building your tool for link exchange ... :)

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