Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes Bing Beta and Yahoo are Better

Well.. today morning I tried to find a butcher( in Australia.

On I found many websites relevant to Butchers.

But.. found few of them were not at all useful to me. is the one i found prior to many useful results. This company business not deals about butcher or any meat related things. The Butcher boy ( is showing at the 13th position which is most relevant than butcherbrownarchitects for the "Butcher" keyword. The only reason is... PageRank.
Another irrelevant result is, it is happening in Google search results for the sake of its PR. I agree that the persons also should appear in the SERP's but only after relevant results.

If some one searching for a butcher ... what will be the most common query? Obviously "Butcher"
If some one searching for the architect butcher.. what might be the query? "butcher the architect" or "architect butcher" or some other queries which includes architect.

The Bing is showing this(architect) result as the first one in its first page, rest of them were all useful...

Yahoo search results are most relevant...

I have to re think to choose my default search engine for my FireFox browser..

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