Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Blog Rankings on Google

I didn't observed it till now.. My blog getting top positions for many keywords on Google main search (not blog search)

The reason is obvious.. Unique and fresh content.. Who don't love it? Google is not an exception.

The keywords I am winning ...

Understanding Canonicalization - 1st page

SEO Interview Questions and Answers - 2nd page

Bing Beta - 2nd page (1st page on and

Microsoft BING Beta (2nd page)

Informed State Space Search - 2nd page

yahoo ignore noindex - 1st page

bing ignore noindex - 1st page (in fact fist position)

bulk unfollow twitter - 2nd page

unfollow twitter users - 1st page

bulk unfollow twitter users - 1st page

Capitalization Rules - 5th page

ten capitalization rules - 1st page

Ezine capitalization rules - 1st page (this is coming prior than ezine, I am sorry to ezine. I will write an article about ti)

Case Sensitive Google search - 2nd page

Google url search command - 1st page ( Misspelled the Search in my title tag of the blog posting .. still it is in top 10)

seomoz tool - 1st page (2nd position after seo moz official website. Sorry to SEO Moz team.. I written something negatively about that tool. But i mean it :P )

"Indexing flash text in Google", "Video Statistics" looks like a tough competitive key phrases, so.. my blog didn't get any considerable position..

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