Friday, August 28, 2009

Google policy about paid listings in Yahoo Directory

Every on know that Google treating paid links seriously. Buying links is a way to interpret Google organic search results. So.. Google punishing websites which participates in link buying and selling..

What about Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo Directory charges money and places your link into its directory. Is buying links from Y Directory is is punishable? if yes.. thousands of sites has to suffer from Google rankings.

No. It is not punishable get listed in yahoo directory. The reason told by Matt is..

"All Yahoo directory listings were reviewed under specific editorial guidelines. Google respects directories which have certain good editorial guidelines. Yahoo directory is not just taking money and placing your link.. they reviews your website, its quality and your business. If your website reach their guidelines.. then only your website is going to be approve."

So... It is not punishable to buying links from certain web directories which has good editorial guidelines.

So be wise in buying listings (links).

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