Monday, August 31, 2009

BING SEO Technique - Bing Bug

Important Bing SEO technique

I would like to address one SEO technique for Bing.

I found it is very interesting and foolishness of Bing Search Technique.

Roll up your sleeves. Start re-optimizing for Bing if it is so important for you.

Suppose if you want to optimize a page for "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" you will not found for "Bing ignores NOINDEX".

Do you need a proof?

You can find on Google for both "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" and "Bing ignores NOINDEX" key phrases.

But on BING you can find this blog only for "Bing Ignoring NOINDEX" key phrase but not for "Bing ignores NOINDEX".

So.. BING is just in learning stage. SEO's can treat this as Bing Bug (not Bug Bing).

So(SEO) be careful while you are optimizing your site for Bing too. Keep in mind all the possible combination of keywords.

I will all SEO's.. Happy Bing Optimisation..


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