Friday, August 28, 2009

SMO - Solution for rel="nofollow"

Are you one of the optimizers who are worrying about rel="nofollow"

Many of SEO's or SMO's expect links with dofollow. But unfortunately these days almost all the Social Media sites include rel="nofollow" in link tags to control the spammers.

Don't worry about it. I will give you a good idea to get advantage of the link even it has rel="nofollow".

In general we try to get a link back using keyword. like < a href="somesite" title="keyword"  >keyword< /a >

But when ever you want to get benefit from social media sites you have to use your domain name instead of keyword.


So you may not get a vote from the social media site.

But when ever you query in Google for "" you can find your site listed in social media sites. That means nothing but popularity. The number of times your website name appears is also a good thing not only the number of links your website got.

:) Happy SMO


brian7 said...

Thanks for the great info. I've also found that being a web freelancer has helped me have success on the web. Many thanks.

Fid"s said...

ok thanks for info too

venkatesh krishna said...

Some amount of no follow links are pass weightage. SEO training in chennai

Sarah Taylor said...

No doubt, social media sites play big part in internet marketing. A still lot of spamming in these websites .it is a good idea to give no follow links to prevent spamming.

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