Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bug in Webmaster tools - Change in Address

There is a bug in "Change of Address" in Google webmaster tools. I guess this is the worst part of Google webmaster tools I ever seen in my experience. I redirected old site to new site using Google webmaster tools in "Change in Address". See the image below, a screen shot of change of address I did in Google webmaster tools.

And all the old pages were redirected to the new pages in the new site using 301 redirect. But Google is not good enough to handle the request. It is showing my new pages under old domain name. But Google search engine is messed up between those two sites, Old and new.

The old site:
The new site:

Google is showing the pages under new site as they belongs to old site.

For example, the page related to "planning-a-funeral"
New site:
old site:

But Google showing a new link, which is ever existing. So, I don't have any other chice, i redirected my non existing pages also to new pages.

Hope Google needs to improve its "Change of Address" in Webmaster tools.  Another strange thing is the Google showing each page twice on its SERP's for "" (Selwyn allen funerals I discussed it in my last post (Repeating Google Search Results - Google Bug).

Repeating Google Search Results - Google Bug

Why Google repeating same search results twice? It is strange. Of course it is going under duplicate content. But why showing same page with same title, description twice? I ever seen like this.

I redirected the old site to new site using Google webmaster tools, where old site has entirely different set of URL's from new one. The content also rewritten.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

noindex for part of content in a webpage

This is experiment on how class="robots-nocontent" works. All my previous three experiments class="robots-noindex", rel="noindex", <noindex> failed in making a part of the content non indexable by search engines. Lets try this finally.

<div class="robots-nocontent">As yahoo told at, this part of content in this div shouldn't indexed by yahoo search engine. But not sure about Google. Google may not support this "robots-nocontent" class. Because it is quite opposite to Google SEO philosophy, "do no do anything specially for search engines" </div>

Let's see what happens.


This is another experiment on how robots treat the following class="robots-noindex".

<div class="robots-noindex"> Robots must exclude this content in their search index</div>

Lets try  to get a paragraph indexed by Google bot only

<div class="robots-noindex googlebot-index"> All robots must exclude this content in their search index except Googlebot</div>

<div class="robots-noindex slurp-index"> All robots must exclude this content in their search index except Yahoo bot</div>


This is the experiment for rel="noindex". Let's test how the rel="noindex" works for search engines.

<div rel="noindex">Melbourne Web Developers live in Melbourne </div>
<div rel="noindex" name="robots">Melbourne SEO's live in</div>

We are done. Lets see the results.


Here i am experimenting on nocache and noindex tags within the paragraph.

The aim of this experiment is to test search engines for noindex and nofollow if they were used in the middle of the content.

The following text is for testing.

<p content="noindex"> All melbourne seo's belongs to Australia </p>

<p name="robots" content="noindex">All Australian designers are not belongs to Melbourne</p>

<noindex>All Melbourne web designers live in Australia</noindex>

<strong>do not use strong tag but use bold tag. This will not treated as bold by search engines. Search in Google cached content of this page</strong>

<b>Do use b tag instead of strong tag. It is good for seo</b>

Please leave your comments if you like these kinds of experiments.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yahoo ignoring noindex

Sorry for hitting on this topic again. I got another proof on this. This blog is not allowed to index yahoo bot slurp. But it is indexed.
Monday, September 21, 2009

Change of Address - Google webmaster tools

I have my two sites verified in Google Webmaster Tools. Today i tried to apply for change of address. From and old site to newly designed site. The change of Address.

Google saying that i need to verify the site i wanted to redirect from which is already verified by Google Webmaster Tools.

We couldn't verify To submit a change of address, must be verified using the same method as Add to your account and verify ownership, then try again.

Here we need to understand one thing. and were treated differently by Google. So we need to verify both of them

I did it. Then Google accepted my change of address (redirection request) from old site to new site.

How is DMOZ Data Used? - Dmoz Badge

With respect to the blogpost of How is DMOZ Data Used?

They said that the Dmoz data should be used with its badge only. But there are many number of websites not following this rule, not even aware of it. But they are just getting the data from Dmoz and using it.

For example few sites listed below.

I found many.

Try the following url to get list of dmoz data dumpers.,+deep+sea,+reef+and+game+fishing,+rottnest+echo+tours,+island+and+river+cruises%22&hl=en&filter=0&fp=aeeb86f279fed0f5

But the warning for those people by the Dmoz is not strong enough.

They stated
Sites that do not display the badge are in violation of the license agreement. Site owners may be contacted by DMOZ and asked to make the appropriate updates in order to comply.
Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to ask a question to Matt Cutts?

Hi Friends

Do you want to ask a question to Matt Cutts?

Don't have a way to ask?

Many people ask questions through his blog comments. But he may hardly read them. Then what is the way to ask questions to Matt? I too tired to searching a way to ask my seo questions. But finally i found a good way to ask him question.

You can ask  matt a question at Google moderator appspot:

But be careful. Do not ask all the heck like how to optimize my title tag, how to optimize my meta description tags, my meta keywords tags, he may not respond. Not only MattCutts you can ask questions to any Google engineer, a world leader and y ou can Suggest an Android application.

So.. start firing....
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yahoo ignoring NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW

I already made a post about it( Yahoo and Bing Ignoring NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW in the meta tags

I got the proof here this page has been in yahoo search engine index which has
<META NAME="slurp" REL="noindex,nofollow"> 
tags in its HTML

So. it would be good to password protect if you have any confidential data to protect it from yahoo search bot.

But BING seems to be started respecting NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW.

Google behaving strangely

Today I found an interesting thing which i couldn't be able to analyze the reason.

Search for 'diffrent css for safari' on Google you can find this blog on the first SERP of Google.

The surprising thing is i ever before used the word "diffrent" through out my blog. Why it is showing this blog?

When i site search for the keyword of "diffrent" i am not able to find even a single word through out this blog(

 It is quite surprising and interesting.
Monday, September 14, 2009

SEO Buzz words

I would like to list some SEO buzzwords here. The order is random.

Keyword Density
Keyword Proximity
Keyword Prominance
Keyword Stemming
Keyword Stuffing
Doorway pages
Blak hat seo
White hat seo
Gray hat seo
Hallway page
Google Caffeine
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
Google bombing
Link Juice
Google dance
Google cache dance
Video Optimization
News Optimization
Image optimization
URL optimization
Piggyback SEO
Twitter SEO
Link Spam
Bing SEO

Please remind me if i forget some of them

Lime Exchange Test Result


I failed the SEO test..

Anyway.. it is a good lesson for me. Now i had lot of courage to not face these kind of stupid tests in future.

I can challenge.. even matt could not get more than 50%  in this kind of test.


SEO Interview Question 40 - Search command

Another funny and interesting quesion

if you enter 'Help' in the Google search box, what will Google search for?

a. It will open up the Google help pages applicable to
b. It will find pages about help within
c. it will find only page titles about help within
d. It will direct you to the request page for re-indexing of

SEO Interview Question 39

Which of the following statements regarding website content are correct?

a. If you have two versions of a document on your website, Google recommends that you only allow the indexing of the better version

b. Linking to a page inconsistently does not effect the way Google views the pages. Examples of inconsistent linking could be and and

c. Syndicating your content could be lead to Google viewing the material  as duplicate

d. Placeholders for pages which do not have content are never viewed as duplicate content by Google

He/She is not able to present the "b" properly..


SEO Interview Question 38

Which of the following conditions will Google treat favorably from the 'relevancy' perspective?

a. The website offering products and services to the visitors country
b. A website that provides free content for the related keywords
c. Hidden keywords on the home page matching the search term
d. Image alt tags on the home page matching the search term

SEO Interview Question 37

Which of the following search engines or directories provides the directory search results for Yahoo?

a. Windows live
b. Yahoo directory
c. Google
d. Wikipedia

SEO Interview Question 36

What is the main reason for the effectiveness of optimizing a webpage towards a long tail keyword search?

a. There are more long tail searches than shorter keyword queries

b. Search engines often pass on long tail searches to lesser known and new websites

c. Search engines do not pass on long tail search traffic to websites that rank high or shorter keyword searches

d. There are fewer websites that have targeted such keywords

SEO Interview Question 35 - Robots.txt

What will the following robots.txt file do?

User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /*?

a. It will allow google to crawl any the dynamically generated pages. It will also allow the altavista scooter bot to access every page

b. It will disallow Google from crawling any of the dynamically generated pages. It will also disallow the altavista scooter bot to accessing any page

c. It will disallow Google from crawling any of the dynamically generated pages. It will allow the altavista scooter bot to access every page

d. none of the above

Finally i found another straightforward question. Happy..

SEO Interview Question 34 - Google PageRank

Which of the following factors have an impact on the Google PageRank?

a. The total number of inbound links to a page of a web site
b. The subject matter of the site providing the inbound link to a page of a web site
c. The text used to describe the inbound link to a page of the web site
d. The number of outbound links on the page that contains the inbound link to a page of a web site

Look at the "d" option. I love the way the confusing, and it is not the place to confuse the test writers. They will get irritated like me..

BTW.. I would like suggest you the information about PageRank:

SEO Interview Question 33 - Natural Links

Which of the following statements is correct with regard to natural links?

Pretty straightforward question.

SEO Interview Question 32

Which black hat technique is characterized by a method to deceive search engine, by detecting search engine bot and "feeding" it with different HTML code than the HTML actually served to users?

a. Coating

b. Foisting

c. Slighting

d. Cloaking

Here the intention is.. Wasting the candidate time by asking question with sense less long way. Be careful with these kind of screwing tests..

SEO Interview Question 31

Which of the following search engines offers a popular list of top 50 most searched keywords?

a. Google
b. Yahoo
c. AOL
d. Lycos

Again ... confusing..

Top 50 most searched keywords every day? or top 50 most searched keywords every year?

Lycos use to give it for every week. But now a days it not seems to be giving the list.
Check: it is redirecting to

This test f**ked my brain

SEO Interview Question 30

What is the most likely time period requres for getting a Google page rank?

a. 1 week
b. 3 weeks
c. 1 month
d. More than three months

Answer: If i start my website just a day before google is going to update its pagerank database then the answer is 1 Day. I will get pagerank 0 in one day.

Foolish question.

The better way to ask the question is..

How frequently Google updates PR?

Answer: 3 months approximately

SEO Interview Question 29

What is the function of "indexer" part of the Google search engine?

a. It helps retrieve web pages from the world wide web

b. it helps gather information from other search engines

c. it helps sort the documents that google has retrived

d. it helps generate meaningful results based upon the user's search terms

They can ask this question more fairly


What a search engine crawler  or bot do?


What is indexing?

what do you say?

SEO Interview Question 28

What of the following statements about search engine optimization techniques are correct

a. Making a keyword bold does not influence the way that the search engines looks at the keyword

b. Websites with deep linking are looked at favorably by search engines

c. Search engine robots follow the the first link they find to any particular page and they do not follow additional links to the same page

d. It is not a good idea to have the same anchor text for all inbound links as it could look automated to search engines.

Time eating question.. right.. Its unfortunate. Poor English too. But the last point - d catches my eye. D is not true. Many think it is true. It would be good to not get the gray hat seo techniques into the seo test by Lime exchange people. Because they are arguable and eats time..

SEO Interview Question 27

Cloaking is a controversial SEO technique. What does it involve?

a. increasing the keyword density on the web pages
b. Offering a different set of web pages to the search engines
c. Hiding the keywords within the webpage
d. Creating multiple pages and hiding them from the website visitors

We all know the answer is b. But the the lime exchange people might have written it in understandable way. We know answers to may questions, but it takes great deal of time to understand in the given limited time to finish the test. I reported it to them :D

SEO Interview Question 26

Which of the following factors contribute towards link popularity of a website?

a. Number of websites that link to it
b. The number of the pages of the website indexed by Google
c. The number of pages in website
d. The quality of websites that link to it

SEO Interview Question 25

Which search engine technology prevents a website from appearing in numerous top positions in the search engine result pages?

a. Clustering
b. Normalzing
c. Sifting
d. Combing

SEO Interview Question 24

What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties in order to filter off traffic to another site called?

a. Trafficjacking
b. Visitorjacking
c. Viewjacking
d. Pagejacking

SEO Interview Question 23

Search engines do not index some common words (such as "or", "and", "when", and "in") within the webpage. What are these common words called?

a. Barrier words
b. Non-indexable words
c. Slow words
d. Stop words

SEO Interview Question 22 - Lime Exchange

State whether the following statement true or false. A Sitemap can contain a list of URL's or a list of Sitemaps

a. True

b. False

I think it is true. But i am not sure. Please correct me.

SEO Interview Question 21 - Lime Exchange

What is the name of the search engine technology due to which a query of the word 'actor' will also show search results for related words such as actress, acting or act?

a. Spreading

b. Dilating

c. RSD(real time synonym detection)

d. Stemming

e. Branching

This question took bit more time to understand.
Does any one had idea? Please post your answers below in comments

SEO Interview Question 19 - A Hallway Page is used to?

A hallway page is used to?

a. Attract visitors from the search engines straight onto the Hallway page
b. Organize the doorway pages
c. Help people navigatge to different doorway pages
d. enable search engine bots to index the doorway pages

Source: Lime Exchange

The reason we like Google

Why do we love Google? They care each and every point very particular.

Today i am submitting my site to the Yahoo and Google webmaster tools. I was given meta verification tags by them. See the difference. Google given with xhtml standards, in the other hand Yahoo seems to be not caring any xhtml standards.

What should we call it?

And Yahoo asking 24 hours to validate the site. It is not able to validate the site immediately after inserting meta tags or uploading authentication html file.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Difference between doorway pages and cloaking

May people confuses. The confusion comes from misunderstanding or not understanding at all.

Cloaking is completely related to IP address.
Doorway pages is related to redirection using meta or .htaccess or javascript


Cloaking is to serve the different content to different users. Cloaking has its uses.
Cloaking is basically not a black hat technique.Using cloaking in a different way.. will comes under black hat techique.

So.. lets see about cloaking usage.

If you have a news website which serves news internationally. You would like to serve different news to different countries at the same time on your home page. This means.. you are serving different content to different users. It is not Black hat technique.

Then why Cloaking called as black hat technique?

If you serving content to search engines specially. that will comes under black hat cloaking. When you show different content to your users and to the search engines.. then that will comes under black hat cloaking. You have to treat search engines as your normal visitors. Do not treat them different than your visitors.

You can serve different content to the browser than that of search engines depending on the type of request(User-agent HTTP or others) your server gets.

Doorway pages

Doorway pages are something different than cloaking.

Using JavaScript

Search engines ignores javascript. If some one takes advantage of it .. and redirects the visitor referred by search engines to a different page.

Another kind of building a doorway page is..

Using meta redirect tag.

Lets see the syntax of meta redirect tag

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="60; URL=">

I am not sure whether Google or any other search engine considers the time with in meta redirect tag.
What if some one keep the time of 6000 seconds = 100 minutes which is greater than one and half hours.

This means.. the visitor almost finishes reading content on that page and closes the page before the browser redirects to the destination page. But the search engines considers the redirected page content in the search results.

So.. be smart.
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Topics I would like to write

Hi Friends

In my future posts I would like to write about

  1. Image optimization

  2. Mobile optimization

  3. Difference between doorway pages and cloaking

  4. Is it enough to optimize few pages in a site to get top positions?

  5. The role of Meta Keywords in SEO

  6. UI Engineering

These day's i am busy with client websites. So i am not able to post articles daily.

I'll get back ASAP i got free time.

Have a good time...
Monday, September 7, 2009

Funny thing about

Its so fun..

Most of us use "" for example. We use it for demonstrating to the reader.

Do you know what is the pagerank of ""?

It is 7.

Some facts about ""

The number of back links to "" - 937 (Google shows, may be yahoo site explorer shows more) -

Web pages that contain the term "" - 527,000 (may be 527,001 with this blog page:P - just joking ) -

Do you know the size of the website of "" - 31 pages (

A website having 31 web pages having PR 7 .. I ever seen this kind of situation.

Does Google has solution for it?

Hey Matt.. Can you answer this?

He is too busy to care about tons of things..

Well ... Matt is also not an exception. He also used "" 10 times in his blog (

So his share is - (7/527,000)X100 % = 0.0018975%
Sunday, September 6, 2009

Understanding Sneaky Redirects

What are the good redirects and bad redirects(sneaky redirects)?

The redirect of a web page made using Javascript is a sneaky redirect.


Because search engines ignores javascript. So they don't know even there is a redirect exists.

Which redirecting techniques are good?

Using meta redirect 
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2; url=">
For more info:

Using .htaccess (mod rewrite)

Or use 301(permanent) redirect using .htaccess

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

For more info on .htaccess 301 redirect:

Best way to present the content in flash to search engines

Well.. there are three ways

Good way, bad way, another one.. not good and not bad.

Lets discuss about the bad way first


Yes. It is the bad way. Showing different to search engines and site visitors. Obviously Google hates it.

It is not good practice to show the flash content to the site visitor and text content in that flash to the search engines. There is a smart way to do this. But don't go for Cloaking or doorway page techniques. It comes under SEO black-hat technique.

Hiding text behind flash

This is not good and not bad. Not an SEO Blak-hat technique. But there is a rule. You must show the content same format which is exists in the flash movie but not any other text.
It is not a black-hat technique because you are not showing the different content or URL to the search engines and site visitors.

Well.. there is a better technique below..

using <noscript> tags

Interesting !!!

Call the flash movie using javascript and write your flash content  html version in <noscript> tags. Obviously search engines ignores javascript and get the content which is in between <noscript> tags.

So.. It is supportable by Google itself. See:

They mentioned
Provide the textual contents of JavaScript in a noscript tag.
 Finally i would like to repeat it. Sorry for repeating
Ensure the text you are showing in <noscript> tags is the same content and format in the flash move

Google started Canonicalization for its blogspot

While I am observing the meta tags today I found canonical tag in my blog.

<link href=''

But I feel it is quite wrong way they used.

Canonicalization is the solution for the duplicate content. But they added canonical tag for each and every page of my blog with the corresponding page link in HREF.

Read my post about Canonicalization : Understanding Canonicalization

In the case of Google blogspot the canonical tags should be appear for the label pages(eg: Because that is only the part in my blog content duplication happens.

What do you say?

Bing and Yahoo Search engines following and indexing nofollow/noindex ?

Yes. I already made a post regarding this.

Well unfortunately the meta tags in the were changed. So we don't have any proof.

Here I am going to give you the proof.

I created robots meta tags of this blog as following

<meta name='slurp' rel='noindex,nofollow'/>
<meta name='msnbot' rel='noindex,nofollow'/>

Lets see what is going to happne in yahoo and bing search engines

I am going to give you the experiment result in my next posts.
Friday, September 4, 2009

1329 Dofollow Directories Listings

Do follow Directories List

I found it is useful so.. want to let you know.
Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google Cache Dance

Google Cache Dance?

Strange? Yes to me too.

Today i am observing my blog cached state.

It showed me the cache of 31st August 2009... then i refresh.. it showed 4th September cache.. then again i refreshed.. 31st cache then 4th.. Its so pathetic..

I think it is because of update at its data centers. 

Any other ideas?

What is "search / organic" in Google Analytics?

What is "search / organic" source of traffic ?

Today, while i am analyzing the Google Analytics statistics i found this "search/organic" under "source/medium".

Does any one has any Idea what it is?

Some people saying it is from But not strong proof. It is discussed on google forums too.

But the answer didn't satisfied me.

Any on has better ideas?
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Keyword Stemming?

Stemming Keyword

What is it?

It is a way of using keyword in different ways with prefix, suffix and using plurals. It is a practice in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Any Example?

Yes, why not.

Lest start with keyword of "keyword stemming".

We can stem the keyword stemming in the following ways.
  • keyword stemming
  • key word stemming
  • keywords stemming
  • stemming keyword
  • stemming keywords
  • stemming key words
  • stemming key word

All the above key words were stemmed.

Why is it so important ?

In optimizing a page it is a good practice of stemming of keywords. While you are writing the content take care all your stemmed keywords were used in a proper manner and spread throughout the content. Content quality is also important factor in SEO success not only keyword stemming.

Keyword stemming is very much important in Bing Search Engine Optimization.
For more information read:

Don't try to fool the Google using Stemming technique. Google is intelligent enough to recognize the different between "stem cell", "rose stem", "plant stem" and "keyword stem".

Happy SEO stemming... :)
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melbourne SEO Companies

Hi Friends

Today I started a new blog about Melbourne SEO Companies.

Its about listing all SEO companies in Melbourne and discussing on them about prices, their seo clients and contact address and SEO packages.

Please view it and let me know your comments

Demonoid downtime - 01/September/2009

Is it downtime for Demonoid?

I think this is downtime for Demonoid site.

I got white screen. There is no announcement of downtime!!!

I last accessed this site on Friday.

We all hope it will come back soon..

BTW if any one needs Demonoid membership invitation code.. I have it.

I will give you the demonoid invitation code to you. But i need small favor from you.

I need link to my site from your site or blog. Or at least help me in spreading the word. It is not a condition. It is a request

Those who needs Demonoid invitation code leave a comment here.

When ever Demonoid comes out from its downtime.. I can generate one for you and send you. But I may help few people, not all.

Don't forget to leave your email here in comments fro Demonoid inviation Code.

Different stylesheets for different Safari browser versions

Safari Compatible issues between its versions

Today I found there are some style issues between safari 3.x and safari 4.x.

In General we use the following way to use different style sheets for different IE versions

<!--[if IE]>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


<!--[if IE 7]>

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


But It is not possible to differentiate versions of Safari browser like this for defining different CSS for different safari versions.

I worked on Quirks Javascript today and made some changes which is easy to use for dummies also.

Include the following JavaScript in your html document
<script type="text/javascript">

var BrowserDetect = {
    init: function () {
        this.browser = this.searchString(this.dataBrowser) || "An unknown browser";
        this.version = this.searchVersion(navigator.userAgent)
            || this.searchVersion(navigator.appVersion)
            || "an unknown version";
        this.OS = this.searchString(this.dataOS) || "an unknown OS";
    searchString: function (data) {
        for (var i=0;i<data.length;i++)    {
            var dataString = data[i].string;
            var dataProp = data[i].prop;
            this.versionSearchString = data[i].versionSearch || data[i].identity;
            if (dataString) {
                if (dataString.indexOf(data[i].subString) != -1)
                    return data[i].identity;
            else if (dataProp)
                return data[i].identity;
    searchVersion: function (dataString) {
        var index = dataString.indexOf(this.versionSearchString);
        if (index == -1) return;
        return parseFloat(dataString.substring(index+this.versionSearchString.length+1));
    dataBrowser: [
            string: navigator.vendor,
            subString: "Apple",
            identity: "Safari",
            versionSearch: "Version"
            string: navigator.userAgent,
            subString: "Firefox",
            identity: "Firefox",
            versionSearch: "Version"
            string: navigator.userAgent,
            subString: "MSIE",
            identity: "Explorer",
            versionSearch: "MSIE"
    dataOS : [
            string: navigator.platform,
            subString: "Win",
            identity: "Windows"
            string: navigator.platform,
            subString: "Mac",
            identity: "Mac"
               string: navigator.userAgent,
               subString: "iPhone",
               identity: "iPhone/iPod"
            string: navigator.platform,
            subString: "Linux",
            identity: "Linux"


// -->

And then the following script

<script type="text/javascript">
if (BrowserDetect.browser == "Safari")

    if (BrowserDetect.version >= 4 )
    {document.write('<link href="safaristyle4.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />');}
    {document.write('<link href="safaristyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />')}


//////////////////////////// If you want to use for IE too

if (BrowserDetect.browser == "Explorer")

    if (BrowserDetect.version == 6 )
    {document.write('<link href="IE6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />');}
    else if (BrowserDetect.version == 7 )
    {document.write('<link href="IE7.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />')}
    else if (BrowserDetect.version == 8 )
    {document.write('<link href="IE8.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />')}

//////////////////////////// If you want to use for safari

if (BrowserDetect.browser == "Firefox")

    document.write('<link href="safari.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />')

// -->


Hope it is useful ...

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this