Monday, September 21, 2009

How is DMOZ Data Used? - Dmoz Badge

With respect to the blogpost of How is DMOZ Data Used?

They said that the Dmoz data should be used with its badge only. But there are many number of websites not following this rule, not even aware of it. But they are just getting the data from Dmoz and using it.

For example few sites listed below.

I found many.

Try the following url to get list of dmoz data dumpers.,+deep+sea,+reef+and+game+fishing,+rottnest+echo+tours,+island+and+river+cruises%22&hl=en&filter=0&fp=aeeb86f279fed0f5

But the warning for those people by the Dmoz is not strong enough.

They stated
Sites that do not display the badge are in violation of the license agreement. Site owners may be contacted by DMOZ and asked to make the appropriate updates in order to comply.

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