Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here i am experimenting on nocache and noindex tags within the paragraph.

The aim of this experiment is to test search engines for noindex and nofollow if they were used in the middle of the content.

The following text is for testing.

<p content="noindex"> All melbourne seo's belongs to Australia </p>

<p name="robots" content="noindex">All Australian designers are not belongs to Melbourne</p>

<noindex>All Melbourne web designers live in Australia</noindex>

<strong>do not use strong tag but use bold tag. This will not treated as bold by search engines. Search in Google cached content of this page</strong>

<b>Do use b tag instead of strong tag. It is good for seo</b>

Please leave your comments if you like these kinds of experiments.

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water heater said...

no index tool use of th no index in the row..

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