Sunday, January 10, 2010

ICICI Lombard customer support till payment only !!?? - Funny

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'jeet'
jeet: Good Morning !!  You have reached  How can I help you buy a policy?
ravi: hi jeet
ravi: i would like to buy health insurance for me
ravi: im 29
ravi: working in chennai
jeet: Certainly I will assist you with the same.
ravi: but im from Hyderabad
jeet: May i know would you like to take opd coverage and tax benefits also
ravi: yes
jeet: we have health advantage plan
ravi: ok
jeet: A comprehensive Health Insurance policy that not only goes beyond covering just your hospitalisation expenses, but also offers coverage for Out Patient Treatment expenses (OPD) and Tax Benefits.
ravi: ok
ravi: how much it costs
ravi: ?
jeet: this policy cover you for hospitalization + opd + tax benefits premium is 15,000/-
jeet: Hospitalisation Cover
jeet: Medical expenses incurred as an inpatient during hospitalisation for more than 24
jeet: hours, including room charges, doctor’s / surgeon’s fee, medicines, diagnostic tests,
jeet: etc.
jeet: Medical expenses incurred 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalisation
ravi: ok
jeet: and opd cover medical bills , dental , doctor visit
ravi: that is much amount for me. any plans less in than that amount?
jeet: you can take family flaoter plan
jeet: this policy cover hospitalization more than 24 hours
jeet: Family Floater Health Insurance plan lets you share the entire sum insured among the family members covered under the policy, without any individual upper limits.
ravi: ok
ravi: how much
ravi: ?
jeet: 3046/- FOR 3 lac coverage
jeet: tenure 1 year
ravi: 3 lac coverage means
jeet: you can take 2 years coverage also
jeet: sum insurances is 3 lac
ravi: means? if any one hospitalize
jeet: yes right
ravi: we will be coverage upto 3 lacs?
jeet: yes
ravi: ok. could you plz send me ur executive
ravi: today
ravi: asap
ravi: today is last date for me to show proof for tax benefit.
jeet: yes
jeet: instantly you can take instantly
ravi: is it possible to send him to me today?
jeet: yes
jeet: i will assist you step by step
ravi: by noon 12 PM to 1 PM
jeet: and you can take print and send for tax benefits
ravi: ok great
ravi: thanks
ravi: plz be online. brb in ten minutes
jeet: shall i proceed to book the policy for you
ravi: yes plz wait for ten min
ravi: i will be right back
jeet: sure
ravi: Hi
jeet: yes
ravi: one questoin
jeet: sure
ravi: we recently changed home in Hyderabad.
jeet: ok
ravi: but i dont have address proof of new home
jeet: ok no issue
ravi: i have all my proofs with old home
jeet: you can fill the new address
ravi: old address
ravi: will it be problem while i am claiming ?
jeet: please be online i will check it
ravi: ok
jeet: I will be right here to assist you to book policy if you need my help :)
ravi: ok
ravi: did you got clarification on change of address
ravi: ?
jeet: yes
jeet: you can fill new address now
jeet: its will not issue for claim
ravi: are you sure jeet? I'll use this chat conversation as proof if anything goes wrong in future. Regarding new address. :)
jeet: yes
jeet: it will not create problem for claim
jeet: you can copy peast this chat also
jeet: Please help me with your email id , which you register for this policy
jeet: ok
jeet: please cross check all details and click on CONFIRM
ravi: where?
jeet: Had you create login id ?
ravi: no
jeet: please click on this link
ravi: or shall i use chennai address
ravi: ?
ravi: where currently im staying
jeet: yes
jeet: you can fill current address
jeet: later you can update it also
jeet: your premium is just 5484/- if you take 2 years coverage
ravi: one year enought
ravi: *enough
ravi: thanks
jeet: ok please proceed with 1 year
jeet: I will be right here to assist you to book policy if you need my help :)
ravi: how many members in a family it will cover?
jeet: we can cover maximum 2 adults + 2 kids under one plan
ravi: including me?
jeet: yes
jeet: do you have spouse and kid
ravi: im not marrie
ravi: married
ravi: not married
jeet: may i know age for your parents
ravi: my mother is already covered with my sister insurance plan
ravi: i have another sister
jeet: you can please cover yourself now
ravi: will my sister cover under this?
jeet: this will not allow to tax benefits
jeet: on sister's policy
ravi: means?
jeet: if you add the sister in this policy you can not get tax benefits
ravi: ok
ravi: if i add myself only.. i will get tax benfits
ravi: is it?
jeet: yes right
jeet: have you create login id for you ?
jeet: please fill full address and your email id
jeet: here we will mail and email the policy
ravi: yes.. i would like to fill my hyderabad address
ravi: wait.. im waiting for full postal address of my home in Hyd
jeet: sure
jeet: I am online with you
ravi: i will fill it when i got call from my home. plz wait for ten min
jeet: Please do not end our chat till you get it complete
jeet: sure
ravi: k
ravi: registered
ravi: do i need to select "Family Floater Health"?
jeet: yes
jeet: later click on CALCUALTE PREMIUM & BUY ONLINE
ravi: save quote and buy later
ravi: shall i pay with online icici banking
ravi: ?
jeet: Yes
ravi: ok. thank you.
jeet: you can make the payment now
jeet: select OPTION 4
jeet: and proceed
ravi: So i can use the print out as proof?
jeet: yes
jeet: instantly
jeet: and we will also send you email
ravi: ok. sure i will pay online
jeet: please help me with transaction id number once you make the payment
jeet: I need this to my record , as i assist you for online policy details
ravi: I may pay later in an hour. Coz i am waiting for tanfer funds to my account
ravi: plz let me know ur email id
jeet: sure
ravi: i will email u
jeet: i am on chat itself
ravi: or you can online for one more hour. will you
jeet: you can minimize chat window
ravi: ok then no worries
ravi: be online
jeet: and later login to chat or ask for jeet
jeet: sure
jeet: ping me when you complete it
ravi: will this plan covers for xray, scanning, medicine expenses?
jeet: this policy cover only hospitalization
jeet: and pre and post
jeet: I am online with you
ravi: pre and post hospitalization means?
ravi: will you explain what kind of charges it will cover
ravi: ?
jeet: means 30 days pre hospitalization expences
jeet: and 60 days after get discharge
ravi: what kind of expenses
ravi: medicine?
ravi: and operation chargtes... etc..
jeet: like doctor charges , x- ray charges
ravi: ok. shall i see that list?
ravi: please
ravi: if you don't mind
jeet: all expences you pay before get hospitalziation
jeet: you can claim to us
ravi: is there a list online?
jeet: no we do not have list
jeet: are you able to book the policy on your end
ravi: hello again
jeet: yes
jeet: have you book the policy ?
ravi: what kind of health problems it will not cover?
ravi: im about to book
jeet: we do not cover
jeet: Any illness/ disease/ injury/ pre-existing disease before the inception of the policy.
jeet: However, this exclusion ceases to apply if the policy is renewed with the Company
jeet: for 4 consecutive years
jeet: Non-allopathic treatment, pregnancy and childbirth related complications, cosmetic,
jeet: aesthetic and obesity related treatment
jeet: Expenses arising from HIV or AIDS and related diseases, use or misuse of liquor,
jeet: intoxicating substances or drugs as well as intentional self injury
jeet: War, riots, strike, nuclear weapon, induced treatment
ravi: induced means?
jeet: i am not getting you
ravi: "induced treatment" I didn't understood this
jeet: where it mention ?
ravi: War, riots, strike, nuclear weapon, induced treatment
jeet: means if persaon need to hospitalized due to war then this treatment we will not cover
ravi: ok
ravi: shall i cover my mother again under this policy
ravi: yet my sister policy covers
jeet: yes
jeet: may i know her age ?
ravi: 45
jeet: yes
jeet: you can add her on your policy
jeet: and all total premium you will get tax benefits
ravi: k
jeet: May i know do she suffer from any pre-existing illness ?
ravi: no
jeet: you can select 2 ADULTS and get premium amount and proceed
jeet: great
jeet: you can instantly take print of her policy
ravi: when im updating details it is not updating
ravi: after i logged in
jeet: please refresh the page
jeet: and seelct FAMILY flaoter again
ravi: not working friend..
ravi: i went into "My profile"
jeet: may i know do you get any error
jeet: please log out and login again
jeet: and go to MY ACCOUNT / MY QUOTES
ravi: k
ravi: i selected number of adults as two
jeet: right
jeet: select sum insurances
ravi: age groud of eldest member - 46 to 55
ravi: i selected
ravi: when i calculate premium..
ravi: it is giving 10483/1 year
jeet: yes right
jeet: now click on CONTINUE TO BUY
ravi: no.. I can pay rs.3046
ravi: so i need to select myself only?
jeet: yes right
jeet: select adults 1
ravi: i like to choose EMI
jeet: yes
ravi: when i choose EMI and ICICI Bank
ravi: it is asking for card number
ravi: i would like to pay through icici net banking
ravi: emi
jeet: we have EMI
jeet: Only on ICICI credit card
ravi: ok
jeet: I will be right here to assist you to book policy if you need my help :)
ravi: let me pay through net banking
jeet: sure
ravi: XXXX (Sorry im hiding this from you)
ravi: transaction ID (After payment)
jeet: thank you
jeet: you can now take print of the policy any time
ravi: Critical ERROR Occured Kindly contact your HelpDesk for further details.
ravi: when i click on download policy
jeet: please try after 2hours
jeet: there is some upgrading in print
ravi: view policy also not working
jeet: please check after 2 hours
ravi: atleast will you please email me
ravi: i need to submit it
ravi: to my HR
ravi: otherwise it will be waste for me
jeet: sure
jeet: i will email you
ravi: thanks
jeet: if need any assist please login to chat
ravi: did you emailed?
jeet: yes i will email you
ravi: please do it. I will wait
jeet: sure
jeet: if not get please login to chat again
ravi: no worries. I will wait
ravi: Jeet.. will you please email me this chat
ravi: i will be thankful to you
ravi: :)
jeet: i am online from 7 am to 4 pm if any assist later
ravi: its ok. Will you please email me this chat transact to my email id
jeet: you can please copy peast it

See how people are behaving.. They will take care till they get payment from you..

Be careful :)