Monday, June 1, 2009

Microsoft BING Beta

Microsoft started new search engine "BING" . is redirecting to

And they started calling it as "decision engine", stated that the bing is effective when you want make decisions faster and helps in decision making.

"We took a new approach to go beyond search to build what we call a decision engine. "

Source (

They compared BING results with Google's. In demonstration BING chosen the query "Oscar Winners". It is given list of Oscar winners in its result page. Where the end user need not to browse all the pages for information. Quite useful. But in other hand Google returned millions of pages.. the user obviously needs another more click and not sure weather he'll get the required information or not.

Try the queries "Oscar Nominations" and "Oscar Winners" on Bing and Google and compare them. But i didn't find any other results on BING for queries like this.

I tried for "American President" and BING answered it as George W. Bush (See the image). It is right but why only Geoge W. Bush. Why not all the past presidents list? and why not it returned current president Obama name?

It seems that BING still needs to improve a lot.

The big advantage for Bing is cash back offer ( It offers cash back program to its registered users.

And the Bing team is giving some statistics. Four and a half websites created through out the web and the web expanding more. The current search engines fails in giving correct results. Nearly half of all searches are not resulting in providing information what the searchers looking for.

The BING team did not given any information about how their web search is improved than live search. They seems that they improved product search and introduced new program called cash back and compare products.

It could be good if they mention about their web search.

Let us wait and see how big is going to effect on search market share.