Monday, September 7, 2009

Funny thing about

Its so fun..

Most of us use "" for example. We use it for demonstrating to the reader.

Do you know what is the pagerank of ""?

It is 7.

Some facts about ""

The number of back links to "" - 937 (Google shows, may be yahoo site explorer shows more) -

Web pages that contain the term "" - 527,000 (may be 527,001 with this blog page:P - just joking ) -

Do you know the size of the website of "" - 31 pages (

A website having 31 web pages having PR 7 .. I ever seen this kind of situation.

Does Google has solution for it?

Hey Matt.. Can you answer this?

He is too busy to care about tons of things..

Well ... Matt is also not an exception. He also used "" 10 times in his blog (

So his share is - (7/527,000)X100 % = 0.0018975%


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