Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Demonoid downtime - 01/September/2009

Is it downtime for Demonoid?

I think this is downtime for Demonoid site.

I got white screen. There is no announcement of downtime!!!

I last accessed this site on Friday.

We all hope it will come back soon..

BTW if any one needs Demonoid membership invitation code.. I have it.

I will give you the demonoid invitation code to you. But i need small favor from you.

I need link to my site http://donate-books.org from your site or blog. Or at least help me in spreading the word. It is not a condition. It is a request

Those who needs Demonoid invitation code leave a comment here.

When ever Demonoid comes out from its downtime.. I can generate one for you and send you. But I may help few people, not all.

Don't forget to leave your email here in comments fro Demonoid inviation Code.

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