Thursday, August 27, 2009

My blog posts indexing by Google very faster

It is quite surprising.. Google improved its blog indexing capacity dramatically..

I am going to test the indexing time for this blogs..

I will count it in minutes and i am going to post the time in the comments section..

But Google is not indexing all my blogs in this same way. I am spamming them for testing purpose..

I will discuss them in my further posts..

Lets start counting the minutes... The current time in my PC is 2:45


Search Engineer said...

OMG... It indexed in just less than a minute.. It is just now 2:46 in my PC.

Google may trust only few blogs...

I will test this comment indexing time too..

web design india said...

Awaiting wheather is Google scrolls often??? Let me know some more useful points...

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