Saturday, October 10, 2009

SEO corporate training in Chennai

If you need Corporate training for SEO in Chennai, Please contact me - 09176315310(Chennai Number) / I will share my knowledge, experiences and techniques. I strongly believe that there are no secrets for SEO, I am open to share every SEO technique I know and use. I can not provide my SEO resume right here. Please send me an email to if you wanted to look at my SEO resume. Currently I am working in Chennai as SEO expert, i've been in this field from last seven years.

About SEO corporate training session (Chennai)

The SEO training session needs three to four hours. You can have a tea break in the middle. At the end or in the middle, I am glad to answer all your questions.

Let me breakup the SEO corporate training topics

  • Types of Online marketing
  • Introduction about SEO, SEM amd SMO
  • How to win an SEO client
  • Do's and Don'ts SEO promises
  • SEO Process
  • Building SEO strategic plan
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword extraction
  • SEO Tools
  • Link Building, Link bait and techniques
  • White Hat SEO, Techniques & Practices
  • Black Hat SEO, Techniques & Practices
  • SEO Things to consider while programming / website design / website building
  • Site Structure
  • Flash websites optimization
  • News sites Optimization
  • SEO for corporate sites
  • AJAX sites optimization
  • CMS Sites Optimization
  • Joomla Optimization (If you need)
  • SEO for E-Commerce sites
  • URL Optimization
  • SEO Troubleshooting
  • Search Engines and its challenges
  • Speed Optimization
  • Canonicalization
  • Q & A
It would be good if you can provide a computer with internet connection and a projector for the SEO training session. Preferred training days: Saturday and Sunday.

There is another reason for that I wanted to choose to give SEO corporate training, it is I am promoting this site for needy Indian students. I would like to take the word into the public.

I would like to take the basic training classes for colleges and universities in Chennai too, for nominal charges. Please contact me if some one needs SEO, online marketing training for colleges and universities in Chennai.

For Corporate SEO Training in Bangalore(Bengaluru), Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune also please contact me at

Phone: 09176315310 (Chennai Number)